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Unwordle Game

Unwordle is the reverse version of Wordle. Instead of guessing the daily word, it's already given to you at the beginning! Your task is to fill the empty tiles with the correct letters based on the color clues that the final word contains. Unwordle is like a crossword puzzle because you have to go from bottom to top until the whole puzzle is solved.

How to play Unwordle?


At the beginning, you will see a grid with one word in the last row. This word is correct because all the letters are green. The rest of the tiles are empty, some of them are green and yellow, while others are gray.


Touch the previous line to start guessing words. Your task is to put the green letters in the same columns, and rearrange the yellow ones in other columns.


Use the gray letters to complete the word. Enter only valid words.


After submitting a guess, you may receive a red triangle in the corner of some tiles. This means there is an error in your solution. Click Show Error Details for more information.


Follow the color prompts and keep filling the grid with the correct letters until the entire grid is filled.

Did you like Unwordle Game?

We have no doubt that you played Wordle at least once in your life. This game has become a real hit since its launch. But have you ever heard about Wordle backward? Its name is Unwordle, and this is a combination of Wordle and crosswords. Unwordle was created in 2022 and has a similar Wordle interface, but the rules here are completely different. In this game you know the last word from the very beginning, but your task is to find previous words. Unwordle has different game modes and even allows you to create your own puzzles, so no one will be bored here!